Raymond Wolk Paving Gives Tips on Staying Warm on Winter Construction Sites

The dedicated professionals at Raymond Wolk Paving don’t let a little cold weather stop them from serving your paving needs. That’s because R Wolk Paving does an excellent job of training its contractors on ways to safely stay warm on winter construction sites. Raymond Wolk Paving understands that conserving as much body heat as possible is the key to staying warm, and much like insulating a building, heat loss happens most at openings so it is important to keep as much skin covered as possible. But that’s not the only tip for staying warm that R Wolk Paving can provide. Here are several other ways paving contractors like the trusted ones at Raymond Wolk Paving can keep themselves warm while working on winter construction sites. One of the most important clothing items you can own as a paving contractor is thermal insulated coveralls. Coveralls are designed to prevent core body heat loss while at the same time giving those who wear them good range of motion. Using a he

National Pavement Expo Coming to Cleveland in 2018

Many of the practices and techniques used by Raymond Wolk Paving while delivering top-notch paving services will be featured and can be learned at the National Pavement Expo. This year, the National Pavement Expo will be held Feb. 7-10 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. The National Pavement Expo features a large exhibit hall filled with educational sessions, including a day-long, pre-expo Pavement Boot Camp and 11 in-depth workshops. Many paving companies like R Wolk Paving have benefited greatly from attending National Pavement Expos in the past. In 2018, the National Pavement Expo hits Cleveland for the first time ever. The expo’s 32-year history includes stops in Nashville, Tenn., Charlotte, NC, Tampa Bay, Fla., and Atlanta, Ga., but this is the first time that the National Pavement Expo will be held north of the Mason-Dixon Line, which Raymond Wolk Paving was thrilled to hear. The pre-expo Pavement Bootcamp will be held Feb. 6 and run by Brad Humphrey